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        I am so glad we found each other!  


        My little patch of the internet allows me to stay in touch with those who enjoy my writing. Some of you may also be writers and are,

  undoubtedly, readers. Let's enjoy all things connected to words and language.

        You will notice the absence of too many "bangs and whistles." This is to allow our fellow wordsmiths who have sight issues to be

  able to also enjoy this space. I am looking forward to reading suggestions from you on improving the site for everyone's enjoyment.    

        The site includes writing and publishing tips from time to time and these can be found with the book excerpts.


        My monthly Blog, Becoming Seventy, is where you'll find news about my journey.


        Welcome! I look forward to connecting with you soon.






Tales from my Yellow Room is available in paperback, Kindle, and audio at https://bit.ly/49sBwaA (Amazon.com)

This is my memoir about growing up in Scotland with a disability.

FiSH AnD ChIPS Wrapped in Fivers will be available in 2024!

A novel about a gun-toting wheelchair-using 70-year-old grandma heading a gang syndicate in Dundee Scotland.

Read sample chapters now! Click  on Book Excerpts, etc.,