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Boy, that went by fast!

Seems like it was just yesterday that I was smooching my pillow and imagining kissing Dr. Ben Casey, or Little Joe, or, of course, Dr. Michael Rossi. Wasn’t it just last week that I was eating pizza on a first date with David Grunwald?

Two months from today, I turn seventy. 

After thinking, okay overthinking, how to commemorate this milestone, I have decided to take a lesson from my daughter, Maria, who also has a birthday in late October, and my son-in-law, Noe. They prefer to celebrate certain things throughout the year as opposed to waiting for a specific date on the calendar. You should have heard the groaning when I suggested we celebrate Paul of Thebes, the first Hermit, on January 15. 


Seventy is a good time for some dreams to fade and, conversely, to get the lead out on making others a reality. Basically, more action, and less future planning - navel gazing optional. Most of the year will seem very prosaic to people unfamiliar to me, such as events centered around my grandchildren’s activities. Some other days might be more unique, who knows?

Yes! There will still be cake!

No doubt, we will have our strawberry cake and a family dinner - at some point within the vicinity of the natal dates. Of course, I am always up for a Starbucks coffee/cake date, or somesuch, with friends who would like to hang out in Awesome Town.

What are your ideas?  Wherever you read this please leave a comment/like.

Geriatrically yours,


Marilyn Grunwald, MPA









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